FLV Audio Extractor

FLV Audio Extractor 1.04

Extract audio tracks from YouTube videos


  • Allows you to extract your favourite audio from YouTube
  • Converts directly to Mp3


  • Sound quality can be sketchy


Ever wanted to extract the audio of a concert or favourite YouTube clip? FLV Audio Extractor records audio tracks as MP3 from any FLV file. FLV is the flash format that is most frequently used on the Internet to deliver streaming such as YouTube and similar pages.

The program works via a batch processor which can remove audio tracks with ease from several videos at once. Simply load the files into the interface and click "Extract". In theory you should get a perfectly sounding soundtrack although the reality is that frequently the audio sound jumpy or unclear. It seems to depend on what format of clip has been uploaded in the first place.

However, this program really is ideal for music lovers. You can extract rare and unusual music tracks, rip them to Mp3 and place them on your iPod or external device.

A nice little program although don't be surprised if the quality is not as you expected every time.

FLV Audio Extractor is an easy-to-use free tool that allows you to batch extract audio from FLV files.

The extracted audio data will be saved as an MP3 file so you can play it with Windows Media Player or other audio players. Simply drag and drop your FLV files or click the 'Add' button to add files to extract. Then click the 'Extract' button to get the MP3 files - Normally it will only take several seconds!

FLV Audio Extractor


FLV Audio Extractor 1.04

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    FLV Audio Extractor.
    Don't touch with a bargepole! Tries to install Conduit adware and doesn't work anyway! Fail...   More